ONESHOT AF 78   Set Accelerator Concrete Additive

OneShot AF 78 is an alkali-free, very high set accelerating concrete chemical admixture developed for wet and dry system shotcrete applications. Due to its special design, it significantly shortens the setting time of the cement mixture and increases the strength gaining speed. Due to these properties, it is suitable for jobs requiring very short setting time and strength gaining speed, especially in shotcrete application.

Product Features
  • It does not contain alkali.

  • It is suitable for glass fiber shotcrete mixtures that may be adversely affected by the high alkaline environment.

  • Improves productivity in shotcrete applications due to its very short setting time and improved early strength properties.

  • It decreases the rebound rate in shotcrete applications.

  • It minimizes the ultimate strength loss.

  • It does not create profitability in surface and groundwater due to its alkali release.


Tunnel and Construction Applications

  • Concrete coating and overhead concrete applications in tunnel constructions.

  • Concrete works for rock and slope stabilization

  • High quality shotcrete coating works.

  • Shotcrete applications for repair and reinforcement.

  • Shotcrete applications in mines.

  • Anchorage

  • Grouting

  • Fill in spaces and gaps

  • Gas and ventilation control

  • Ground and water control

  • Joint repair and sealing

  • Pasting material

  • Structural strengthening