We've Started Production!

We are proud to announce to you our factory that we opened for the production of concrete and mortar additive, Monofilament and Polypropylene Macro Fiber.

Micro fibers, which have the feature of absorbing moisture, provide the moisture that is retained in the fibers in the fresh concrete stage as it gets the concrete outlet and gives a curing effect by giving it back to the concrete. Thus, it minimizes the formation of cracks due to heat and shrinkage and provides higher structural integrity.


• Ready mixed concrete and shotcrete applications

• Dry screed applications

• Interior and exterior plaster applications

• Construction chemicals production

• Repair mortars and similar technical mortar applications

• Used in all cement based composites

For more information, please visit our website : https://oneshotfiber.com/ or you can contact us via mail and phone.

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